Police Audio Recordings

If you are new to listening to police scanners, the following audio recordings illustrate how important the job of a law enforcement officer is, and just how chilling a routine situation can turn into a life and death situation.

A routine call takes a deadly turn

The following is an 11-99 (Officer Needs Help) in which a San Diego Police Officer was shot in a foot bail pursuit. When you hear something like this live, your heart just drops, and you realize just how important this job is, and just how dangerous it can be.

Police Shooting Caught on Video Live

The following shows an incident in Southeast San Diego in which a pursuit ends with officers opening fire on a vehicle while news media filmed the incident as it unfolds.


El Cajon Police Officer Shot Captured by News Media

WARNING: The following incident is graphic. The follow video shows an El Cajon Police officer who was shot while attempting to apprehend a suspect who shot his wife and one year old daughter. The entire incident was caught on camera by news media live as it happened.

 Shooting of San Diego Police Officer Jeremy Henwood

The following is the bone chilling police communications audio at the scene of the shooting that left officer Jeremy Henwood dead. Incidents such as these are tragic. Footage surfaced days later that showed officer Henwood buying cookies for a child that did not have enough money. The officer had been at the McDonalds a short time before the shooting, and the restaurant was just blocks just blocks from shooting location.

Carjacking and Police Pursuit ends up in Suicide

WARNING: The following footage is graphic. The San Diego Police Department Airborne Law Enforcement (ABLE)  Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera catches two carjacking suspects. When the subjects bail out of the car into a backyard, one of the suspects who was carrying a shotgun turns the gun on himself, killing the suspect at the scene.